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This Road to You
This Road to You Latina Romance
America's Next Great Author semifinalist

This Road to You

One wild night…

Corina Beltran, overworked, underpaid (and zero social life because of it), was only looking for a good time out with best friends on her last night in her hometown. If the fun extends to that guy at the bar too, well, then why not? She has nothing to lose.

Zak Dudek, about to retire from the reserves and move back home to Colorado, only wanted the distraction a beer could give. Nothing else. Until Corina catches his eye and disrupts the night’s plans.

Awkwardness and attraction spark when they meet. But feelings shift, tensions rise and all bets are off as the night comes to a close.

Will anything come from their clash of undeniable chemistry, or will it just be another night of two people in the hook-up scene?