Hi, welcome!

Hi, welcome!

I write been-through-stuff sexy fun (mostly not so young)
contemporary romance stories

CONTACT ME, I’d love to hear from you: info@yvettedeoro.com

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I’m a romance writer in Dallas, TX.

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What am I up to? 

i’ve started of a new series! A spinoff from Mail Order Opt Out.

It was a matchmaking company that helped organize the “mail-order” part, right. 

So I got to thinking about how I could play with that – a kinda former good-girl-turned-shark-y, disillusioned account manager of the matchmaking business meets dreamy-eyed, skeptical, slightly

famous client.

It’s turning kinda slow-burn? Which is making me angsty. I want them together! But there are issues and obstacles – oof. I torture myself *sigh*

I’m aiming for Q1 2025 release! We’ll see where it goes…