Love is Where We Left It a second chance romance

Small town, high school sweethearts…

Sunny’s teenage years were amazing in the small, cozy town of Blue Hill, Tennessee, and all the best highlights of those years included Graham.

Her sweet and sassy meshed with his reserved but friendly and they clicked like fated mates

until the pressures of adulthood tore them apart.

Years later, world-weary Sunny has moved back home to find out Graham has returned too.
A horrifying mental image of seeing him and hauling ass the other way to avoid the confrontation has her cringing.

Because that’s what she’s always done since him – run.

Will they finally confront what happened? Or will they decide to leave what they had, a love that was young and easy, in the past, where they left it, and just turn around and walk away?

Note: This story does not close the door – and can be read as a stand-alone.